Our COVID19 Commitment

What we are doing about COVID19

We are adapting our Operations, Distributions, and Contributions
to our communities in response to these challenging times.


We adopted a proactive approach to COVID-19 by employing safety measures and changes before the inevitable “Lockdown” in our city. As an essential business under multiple categories, we created and implemented pre-emptive shifts in our operations to ensure the health and safety of our team whilst maintaining our productivity.
Team members who could work remotely, are encouraged to do so. Necessary IT requirements are fulfilled by our company.
Team members enter one at a time so that our entry way isn’t clogged up. And all onsite team members are provided with new masks and gloves every day.
A non-touch infrared thermometer has been made accessible to check and log in daily body temperatures. Hand sanitizers are also available in almost every common space for easy access.
We have placed signs encouraging safety habits. If you wish to share this with your team, feel free to download a template.


We started distributing medical supplies in January for our partners in Asia. Understanding the shortage of medical supplies within our own community, we have taken on the initiative and are working towards filling in the supply and accessibility gaps that the Healthcare System, and other Front-line, Social and Essential Workers are currently encountering.

Distributed supplies include:
  • Hand Sanitizers and Alcohol Wipes
  • Particulate respirator and medical masks
  • Non-touch thermometers
  • Gloves, goggles, coveralls, and other PPE supplies

  • In addition to the businesses we support with Technology/ IT Hardware Solutions, we believe this is also a part of our social duty under the current circumstances.


    We understand the strain on the Healthcare system and all our frontline workers due to the continuing threat of COVID-19. And as such, BSC is proud to extend our support to Frontline workers who are risking their lives everyday to save the lives of others. We will be using a portion of our profits from this Quarter to donate medical supplies to local hospitals and clinics in an effort to stand by those who are at the forefront of all our care.

    We strongly believe that as global citizens, we all have a role to play in supporting not only our local community but our global community. That is why, we are also dedicated to the protection and wellbeing of our global partners.

    If you would like to support our initiatives, please contact us. We welcome any suggestions and or help that aligns with our current mission and plan of action. This is a time for us all to stand together and make safety a priority locally and globally.
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